Custom Decking

From remodeling an existing deck to installing new decks, we offer everything from cedar to composite to rubber coated decking.

Anyone with a great deck knows that it really can be a wonderful extension of how your family lives. Many happy memories are made out on the deck, with summer parties, barbeques, star-gazing or simply whiling away the hours on a lazy weekend afternoon drink in hand. If your deck is an exciting place to be, then it invites the whole family to bring the outdoors inside.

Decks provide an important continuity to your home and style. From the materials you choose to the staining you pick, building or repairing a deck is a very personalized experience that adds great value to your home. Decks can help minimize the wear and tear outdoors that would normally take place in your home. Our decking services reduce the impact on your existing living conditions while maximizing the return you will get from this investment. Decks are highly rated when it comes to return on investment in the resale of a home.

The ABC Difference
For the best decking services in Oregon, you need look no further than All Backyard Construction. We offer a wide range of materials from cedar to composite materials to rubber coated decking. Whether you want to remodel and existing deck, create a specialty order, initiate repairs or add on, we have all your decking needs well covered.

Why not contact our experts today? We will consult with you to determine what sort of decking options best suit your family’s lifestyle and budget. Discover what our stellar customer service can do to enhance the enjoyment of your property.